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Sword Art Online Kirito Throw Blanket

Sword Art Online Kirito Throw Blanket

$ 32.00

Your Otaku room ( House, or apartment, or car) is coming along great! But all of these little figures don't make a big impact and they cost a fortune.

Weeb home decorating tip! Get a big Anime Item to fill a huge chunk of the room. Yeah wall scrolls are cool and all, but they aren't practical. Now a throw blanket? That is genius!

46x60in Super soft!

Blankets also make the perfect Holiday gifts.( I'm looki'n at you grandma! )

Plus everyone loves...wait, is that Kirito? okay, well no one loves him, but he can still keep you warm at night...or is the cause of you crying? who knows, but we do know that there will be tears either way. And he's fuzzy, so...that's..something.

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