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Magical Girl Grab bag

Magical Girl Grab bag

$ 35.00

Hiya! I'm Shazami, My favorite genre is Maho shuojo (AKA Magical Girl) and my specialty is grab bags!This means when I(Never my minions job) make these I put my heart in soul into it ( not really that would be gross). I myself have shopped at conventions many a years and boy have I gotten some crappy grab bags. One time I spent 45 dollars on a bag of Mc donalds toys and a used game boy bag D:<! And then there is that one company, that I wont mention the name of, who puts those nice little labels on the product telling you its "worth", so when you just spent $35 on an Attack on Titan plushie the $40 sticker will make you feel better (Just don't think about the fact that I sell that plushie for $15).

Some companies say It contains 1 of these and 2 of those, I don't restrict myself like that all I can tell you is that the $35 bag contains

  • 4-12 Items
  • MAGICAL GIRLS! (dur)
  • 40-55 dollars worth of merch ( savings go up with each price tier 100 bag has up to 200)
  • A doodle on the box

Tittles also include ( But aren't limited to)

  • Sailor moon
  • Card Captor Sakura
  • Ojamajo/Magical doremi
  • Creamy Mami Angel
  • Pretty cure
  • Shugo Chara
  • Mermaid Melody
  • Princess tutu
  • Saint Tail
  • revolutionary girl utena
  • Madoka Magica

NOTE: The pictures here are only examples! You will receive random Items likely not pictured here.

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