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"Despair" mcollins929 Junko Dangan Ronpa Print

"Despair" mcollins929 Junko Dangan Ronpa Print

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This is mcollins 929's newest print. It is gorgeous! We have several different size and paper options, As of now they all have slight white boarders and when you revive the print it will be watermark free, Now a word from our artist about this piece."Hello! I made a print of Junko from Dangan Ronpa~ i really love this girl. i wanted to practice female anatomy and do something more like a pin-up. I got this done just in time for Colossalcon! I will also be cosplaying as Junko while I am there. <333
~this one was really fun to draw. I really love this character and the show was great. It was also a bit different than what I am used to, so it was nice to branch out a bit c:"

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