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Amagi Brilliant Park phone straps Pikuriru!

Amagi Brilliant Park phone straps Pikuriru!

$ 8.00


These Amagi straps are hard to find!(Perhaps I can use this to get my website visits up and not disappear or at least keep my memories) 

they are super high quality glossed scratch resistant metal. They are great for cel-phones, Cameras, Jacket zippers, Bags, Portable gaming systems and more! Plus all of our phone charm come with dust plugs in case your phone has no strap hole.

Each strap comes in its own little box, and is sealed in plastic.You can chose a "Blind box" (random strap) or Go with my unique peak special and spend a little extra to ensure you get your favorite.If your order a case for $85 (up to  a $100 value ) You also get the outer store display box.

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